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Lebanon to sign the "Hague Convention on International Child Abduction"? (Offen)
05.08.2010 (384 Wochen seit)
1712 Stimmen
Tags: this, website, was, created, to, help, all, deprived, children, from, either, their, fathers, or, mothers:children, of, a, lebanese, parent, with, a, foreign, parent, /, crianças, privadas, dum, dos, pais, de, pais, libanes(a), com, estrangeira(o), no, mundo, inteiro, -, vamos, votar, para, que, o, libano, assine, a, convençao, de, haia, sobre, sequestro, internacional, de, crianças, /, لبنان, للتوقيع, على, معاهدة, لاهاي, حول, الاختطاف, الدولي, للاطفال؟
Should a parent of a 14 year old child who has only lived with one parent and been a single child for the last 8 years leave that parent to move 3000 miles away to live with the other parent and 2 siblings? The child has only seen the other parent/siblings for a total of 5 weeks in that time and only visited that home for less than 3 weeks total (Offen)
26.07.2010 (385 Wochen seit)
1 Stimmen
Tags: custody, child, parent, decision, what, to, do
Do you think the use of cartoons on products marketed to children should be more restricted? (Offen)
23.06.2010 (390 Wochen seit)
2 Stimmen
Tags: cartoons, healthy, food, nutrition
what do you want me to be ur? (Offen)
11.04.2010 (400 Wochen seit)
13 Stimmen
Tags: prettycool
ถ้ามีผู้หญิงมาขโมยนมผงในร้านคุณ อ้างว่าไม่มีเงินซื้อไปให้ลูก คุณจะ? (Offen)
11.02.2010 (409 Wochen seit)
240 Stimmen
Tags: parent
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