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Should a parent of a 14 year old child who has only lived with one parent and been a single child for the last 8 years leave that parent to move 3000 miles away to live with the other parent and 2 siblings? The child has only seen the other parent/siblings for a total of 5 weeks in that time and only visited that home for less than 3 weeks total (Offen)
26.07.2010 (394 Wochen seit)
1 Stimmen
Tags: custody, child, parent, decision, what, to, do
When Lesbian Couples Split, Should The Non-Biological 'Parent' Be Granted Custody of the Child? (Offen)
29.12.2009 (424 Wochen seit)
1 Stimmen
Tags: when, a, lesbian, couple, splits, should, the, non, biological, paren', be, granted, custody
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