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Your city newsletter announced they hired a part time building inspector, noting that inspectors do not enter property without permission. Later, you discover he has been trespassing to photograph every window and door of you home, including neighbor's homes that had been robbed the previous year. Internet searches show he has no criminal record, but does have financial problems, owing back property taxes, and has relatives who are convicted criminals, thieves and burglars. How do you feel? (Offen)
30.01.2016 (86 Wochen seit)
0 Stimmen
Tags: expactation, of, privacy
¿Quien clasifica a la sig. ronda? (Geschlossen)
08.12.2015 (93 Wochen seit)
41 Stimmen
Tags: two, and, a, half, men, 2, broke, girls
Quien clasifica a la sig. ronda? (Geschlossen)
29.11.2015 (95 Wochen seit)
17 Stimmen
Tags: chuck, 2, broke, girls
El retorno más esperado es el de: (Offen)
30.10.2015 (99 Wochen seit)
17 Stimmen
Tags: retorno
¿Cual es mejor comedia de los últimos años? (Offen)
17.02.2015 (135 Wochen seit)
53 Stimmen
Tags: series, de, comedia
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