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Rate ur Mood (Offen)
28.02.2009 (447 Wochen seit)
2 Stimmen
Tags: mood, rate, ur
Which mood best describes how your team feels most of the time? (Offen)
20.04.2011 (335 Wochen seit)
0 Stimmen
Tags: which, mood, best, describes, how, your, team, feels, most, of, the, time, happy, depressed, sad, lathargic, energetic, alert
in the mood (Offen)
17.08.2011 (318 Wochen seit)
1 Stimmen
Tags: in, the, mood
Chi tra voi sa veramente osa vuol'dire MOOD senza andare a guardare il significato sul dizionario inglese? (Offen)
08.05.2015 (124 Wochen seit)
1 Stimmen
Tags: inglese, italiano, mood, cosa, vuol, dire
We're currently re-developing The Lowry website to include some great new features. Would it be useful to be able find events based on your mood as well as the type of event it is? So, as well as finding Drama, Dance etc, you'd have the categories below. Which are useful? They would all start with "I'm in the mood for..." (Offen)
03.07.2009 (429 Wochen seit)
23 Stimmen
Tags: lowry, theatre
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